Dear York Region Football community:

It is with deep sadness that I am passing a sad notice to you. Sandy Ruckstuhl, the president of Ottawa’s Myers Riders, and a leader of football in Ontario, has passed away. Most of you will not have known Sandy but you would have seen the results of his efforts in the continual seasons of success that Myers has had as an organization. Sandy was a wonderful man and was the most welcoming to me as I learned the ropes at the OVFL. He stood up for the little guy (TNT and Orangeville) when it was important and he tried to keep cooler heads together when the politics became an obstacle, but most of all he spent much of his time giving to the game and its players. He always had time for people who needed it. He was an example of what I want my boys to grow into. He has had 37 years of giving to his community something to be cherished in a time when work lives, and so many other factors have left so little time to volunteer and give to our communities. No matter the club or official Sandy was always referred to with reverence and respect.

While this is a page devoted to Sandy he and I often spoke about the under valuing by many, of what our volunteers do. So on Sandy’s page let me thanks to the many of you who give your time, cleaning up, handling the gate, carrying the sticks, keeping the stats, managing the equipment, registering the players, coaching the players, arranging the referees, being one of the referees, coaching our children, managing aspects of our club, collaborating with other clubs, and most of all caring to make our community better.

Sandy was fantastic at all of this planning, preparing, doing and accomplishing, all while maintaining the focus on the kids giving them the confidence and belief to thrive.

I will miss him.


Dave Lovegrove


York Region Football Association

“working together to build the smartest, hardest working club with a love of the game”