Sport Aurora is looking for their own Sport Aurora Athlete of the Year!

If you know or know of an Athlete training or aspiring to be the best of the best at the elite level and you think deserves the title of Sport Aurora Athlete of the Year, please consider nominating them! Download the nomination forms on the Sport Aurora website.

Deadline is August 31st, 2016.

Please find attached the Eligibility Form as well as the Nomination form to be filled out for your athlete!

The mandate of the Sport Aurora Athlete of the Year is to acknowledge the significant and exceptional achievements and contribution to athletics and sports within the Town of Aurora.

A recipient must have direct connection to Aurora as defined by the following criteria:

  • Was raised or spent their formative years in Aurora; OR 
  • Achieved their athletic prominence in Aurora; OR 
  • Member of a Sport Organization representing Aurora; OR 
  • Made their contributions to athletics and sports in Aurora.

An athlete must be currently active in competition in their acknowledged sport. Competition may be at the local, regional, provincial, national, international or professional level.  If you know of an athlete that fits the criteria, Sport Aurora wants to hear who they are!

Visit the Sport Aurora website here to download the nomination forms!!